Vintage-Meets-Current Fashion Trends That You Should Own To Improve Your Style

There are hundreds of fashion items that you can wear to look stylish. Though not all of them will look better for you. At least, you may one or more fashion trends that will dramatically change your style this year. You may take a skirt, pants, trousers, a shirt, or other things, but you need to mix and match every piece carefully. Then, you have to consider your height and weight. Look at our fashion trend lists below!

Gorgeous Mom Shorts


’90 fashion trend will come back. This beautiful girl wears her mom’s shorts and she looks awesome. She gets a great combination of shorts, a white cropped top, and an oversized checkered shirt. Her bag and hat complete all.

Throwback Collar Trends


The pilgrim collars have ever become huge trends in the ’40s to 50’s era. This dress with pilgrim collars in a light blue color will never make you upset. Combine with dark brown boots or heels as you like. Then, the black handbag also works so pretty to spruce up her style.

Cool Jumpsuits


For you who have a fashion dilemma, wearing jumpsuits will be much better. You don’t have to mix and match it with anything. What you need to do is adding some jewelry items and or accessories. So, are you ready to look pretty awesome this spring?

Oversized Puff-Sleeved


You will remember the 80’s style looking at this shirt. It has ruffles, balloon sleeves, and a beautiful necktie. Combine it well with a button-down mini skirt. Choose the eye-catching color like purple-yellow, green-orange, or other combinations.

With Pleated Skirt


What you see here is a pretty girl with a nice trend that any woman will love. She has a black pleated skirt that paired beautifully with a dark patterned shirt. Then, see her shoes that so comfy and chic. Plus a cute handbag. So casual and chic.

Polka-Dots Shirt


If you love to appear sexy, you can copy this idea soon. She wears a polka-dots sheer shirt to look fabulous on the street. Combine with a skirt to look more feminine. Then, finish it well with high heels or pointed shoes.

Classic Sling-Back


It isn’t just about clothes but also accessories that will upgrade your style. In this picture, classic sling-back loafers might work well for any occasion. Wearing this versatile footwear will never make you upset. Just find out your sling-back loafers and go!


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